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Bandaranaike Airport - All Information on Bandaranaike Airport (CMB)

Bandaranaike Airport (CMB) Bandaranaike Airport (CMB)

Bandaranaike Airport

Departure Terminal, Canada Friendship Rd, Katunayake 11450, Sri Lanka
+94 11 226 4444
+94 11 226 4444 (Lost + Found)
Bandaranaike Airport - All Information on Bandaranaike Airport (CMB)

Bandaranaike Airport (CMB), sometimes referred to as Katunayake Airport, is the primary international airport that serves the island nation of Sri Lanka. Former Sri Lankan Prime Minister Bandaranaike was honored with naming this airport (1899–1959). It is 32 kilometers north of the historic capital and primary financial and economic hub, Colombo, in a suburb of Negombo.

Cinnamon Air, the country's primary airline, and Sri Lankan Airlines, the country's flag carrier, use this airport as their primary hub. Colombo International Airport in Ratmalana is the city of Colombo's other airport and also serves the city.

The only runway at Bandaranaike Airport is made of asphalt, and it's the only one there. In addition, during Phase II of the airport extension project, there will be another taxiway leading to the second runway and a second runway that is large enough to accommodate the Airbus A380.

It features three separate terminals for passengers. Terminal 1, which houses all of the world's airlines today, was initially opened in 1967. Terminal 2 is a brand-new international terminal, and its completion was anticipated in 2019. The brand-new domestic terminal is called Terminal 3, and it first opened in November 2012.

Terminal 1 opened its doors in 1967 and is the airport's most senior and largest terminal. It has a total of 12 gates. The sections designated for arrival and departure are horizontally separated from one another. All foreign flights are currently utilizing this terminal until the opening of Terminal 2 in 2019.

The primary terminal building at the airport is immediately connected to a single concourse, which serves as the location for all the airport's gates. After passing through security, passengers continue through the terminal via the arm-shaped concourse that houses gates 6–14.

There are two different lounges located on the upper level of this concourse. The "Serendib Lounge," operated by Sri Lankan Airlines, and the lounge used by Palm Spirit make up the central bodies of the terminal. This location features several amenities, including a smoking lounge, shower rooms, duty-free stores, a tea shop, and a cafeteria.

Terminal 2 features eight gates, and the arrival and departure sections will be vertically separated. During Stage II of the Phase II Expansion Project, it is planned to construct a brand-new terminal with an additional eight gates.

The proposed development will contain a brand-new pier with eight boarding gates, 14 passenger boarding bridges, and an additional gate consisting of two passenger boarding bridges for the Airbus A380. Additionally, the new development will also have a different entrance.

Terminal 3 was responsible for handling all domestic flights. The spaces designated for arrival and departure are horizontally split inside it.

When it first opened in October 2009, the Cargo Terminal was responsible for handling all-cargo flights. The spaces designated for arrival and departure are horizontally split inside it.

History of Bandaranaike Airport

It was initially established in 1944 as an airfield for the Royal Air Force. In 1957, the Prime Minister of Ceylon, S. W. R. D. Bandaranaike, ordered the closure of all British military airports on the island (Sri Lanka). The Royal Ceylon Air Force was given control of the airfield and renamed Katunayake. A portion of it continues to be used as a military airfield.

With assistance from Canada, Anil Moonesinghe, then the Minister of Communications, began constructing a brand-new international airport to succeed Ratmalana in 1964.

After the airport was finished being built in 1967, the country's state airline, Air Ceylon, began international service with a Hawker Siddeley Trident and a British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) British Aircraft Corporation aircraft that was leased from them (BAC).

In 1970, it was given the name of the late SWRD Bandaranaike, who had served as Prime Minister. It was formerly known as Bandaranaike Airport until it was renamed Katunayake International Airport in 1977. In 1995, the name was changed back to Bandaranaike Airport.

The first Boeing 747 to land at the airport was November 7, 1971. The airport's runway was moved to its current location in the early 1990s. The previous runway was converted into a taxiway so that airplanes could use it both to arrive and depart. In November 2005, a pier with eight aerobridges opened to the public.

Within Stage II of the Phase II Expansion Project, it is planned to construct a new terminal that will feature an extra eight gates. It is anticipated that construction on the brand-new Stage II, Phase II Expansion Project will get underway in April of 2017.

On May 7, 2007, the government of Sri Lanka moved the military aircraft operations that had been taking place in the area adjacent to the airport to the SLAF Hingurakgoda, which cleared the way for the expansion of the airport's civilian operations.

In June 2010, a passenger rail service was introduced between the airport and the Colombo Secretariat Station as part of the program to improve the airport.

Emirates' Airbus A380 fleet uses this airport as a backup emergency airfield in any unforeseen circumstances. At Bandaranaike Airport on January 9, 2012, an Airbus A380-800 belonging to Emirates and operated by Emirates touched down.

An Airbus A380 had never touched down in a Sri Lankan airport, making this occasion a first in aviation history. With a total of 27 Airbus aircraft in its fleet, Sri Lankan Airlines is the carrier that dominates the competition at this airport.

British Airways, KLM, Kuwait Airways, LTU International, Royal Jordanian Airlines, Saudia, and Swissair were some of the airlines that serviced Colombo in the past for a significant amount of time.

About Colombo, Sri Lanka

Colombo is not only the administrative and legal capital of Sri Lanka but also the most populous city on the island. It is the commercial and cultural hub of the island, as well as a popular vacation spot.

It is next to the Greater Colombo area, which comprises Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, the legislative capital of Sri Lanka, and Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia. This part of the island may be found on the island's west coast.

Since Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte is located inside the urban and suburban areas of Colombo, the city of Colombo is frequently referred to as the capital of Sri Lanka.

Additionally, it serves as the Western Province's administrative capital and the Colombo District's district capital. Colombo is a bustling and lively city with a unique blend of modern culture, colonial architecture, and ancient landmarks.

Colombo was already well-known to ancient merchants about 2,000 years ago thanks to its sizable harbor and advantageous location along the East-West maritime trade routes.

When Sri Lanka was handed over to the British Empire in 1815, Colombo was chosen to become the island's new capital. When the country gained independence in 1948, the city continued to serve as the capital.

When the administrative capital of Sri Lanka was relocated to Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte in 1978, the title of "commercial capital of Sri Lanka" was bestowed upon Colombo.

The urban area of Colombo extends well beyond the boundaries of a single local authority. It encompasses several other municipal and urban councils, including the Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte Municipal Council, the Dehiwala Mount Lavinia Municipal Council, the Kolonnawa Urban Council, the Kaduwela Municipal Council, and the Kotikawatte Mulleriyawa Pradeshiya Sabha.

Most of Sri Lanka's commercial establishments, including restaurants and entertainment venues, are in this city. Galle Face Green, Viharamahadevi Park, Beira Lake, the Colombo Racecourse, the Planetarium, the University of Colombo, Mount Lavinia beach, the Dehiwala Zoological Garden, Nelum Pokuna Theatre, One Galle Face, Gangaramaya Temple, the Dutch Museum, the Colombo Lotus Tower, and the National Museum are all well-known landmarks in the city of Colombo. In addition, there is also the National Museum.

Weather in Colombo, Sri Lanka

The weather in Colombo can be described as sweltering, humid, windy, and cloudy. The average temperature throughout the year is between 74- and 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and it rarely drops below 71 or rises over 93 degrees Fahrenheit.

Between the middle of December and the beginning of March is the time of year to go to Colombo if you want to participate in activities most suited to hot weather. At least 0.04 inches of liquid or liquid-equivalent precipitation is required for a day to be wet. The likelihood of having a rainy day in Colombo fluctuates dramatically throughout the year.

The wetter season begins on April 4 and continues until December 11. During this time, there is a greater than 45% chance of precipitation on any given day. The month of October in Colombo sees an average of 19.5 days with at least 0.04 inches of rainfall, making it the wettest month overall.

The drier season begins on December 11 and continues for 3.8 months, till April 4. In February, Colombo experiences an average of 5.6 days with at least 0.04 inches of precipitation, making it the month with the fewest rainy days.

When referring to days with precipitation, we differentiate between those that have rain, those that only have snow, and those with rain and snow. October is the month that receives an average of 20 days of rainfall over the entire month, making it the wettest month in Colombo.

Even though the temperature may drop at night, a humid day is generally followed by a muggy night because the dew point tends to vary more slowly than the temperature does, which means that even if the temperature may drop at night, a muggy day is typically followed by a muggy night.

The percentage of time the humidity comfort level is muggy, oppressive, or uncomfortable does not significantly change throughout the year in Colombo, which is the measurement used to determine the perceived humidity level there.

Transfer Services at Bandaranaike Airport

Katunayake's Bandaranaike Airport (CMB) is Sri Lanka's primary airport, around 32 kilometers north of Colombo.

From the airport, you can reach your hotel or other location in Sri Lanka in several ways. The airport is accessible via taxi, bus, or train. A plethora of private companies offer airport shuttle services.

They will be waiting to drive you from the airport to your hotel or another location in Sri Lanka.

Rental Car Services at Bandaranaike Airport

Bandaranaike International Airport (CMB) has numerous vehicle rental agencies to choose from, making getting to the area more accessible and convenient. See and compare all rental car companies at Bandaranaike Airport.

You may rent everything from a compact automobile to an SUV at CMB. There is bound to be a rental automobile option that works for you, whether you need it for work or play.

Avis, Budget, Hertz, National, Sixt, and many others offer rental cars at CMB. When you get to the airport, head to the Arrivals Hall where you'll find counters for these businesses.

Bring your driver's license and a major credit card when renting a car. When you pick up the keys to your rental automobile, you'll also need to show your passport.

Rideshare Services at Bandaranaike Airport

Bandaranaike Airport does not yet support ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft. The only option for getting to your hotel or other destination from the airport is to take a cab or hire some other ground transportation service.

Taxi Services at Bandaranaike Airport

You need a taxi to transport you from Bandaranaike International Airport to your hotel or another location. Therefore, you can choose from a wide range of alternatives. At the airport's designated taxi stand, drivers are standing by to transport customers. See more information about taxis at Bandaranaike Airport.

The airport is home to many private taxi services, all offering flat rates to and from the terminals.

Trains Services at Bandaranaike Airport

Katunayaka South Station is the nearest train station to Bandaranaike International Airport and is about a kilometer away. When you get there, immediately buy a ticket. Prices start at under RS 30.00. More information about train services near Bandaranaike Airport.

Bus Services at Bandaranaike Airport

The airport is serviced by buses traveling to and from the city and its outskirts. The SLTB runs a fleet of comfortable, climate-controlled buses to and from the airport. You can travel in comfort and at a low price on these buses.

Private companies offer comparable services, albeit their prices may vary from those of government-run companies. More information about buses to and from Bandaranaike Airport.

If you'd rather not deal with the trouble of riding the bus, plenty of taxis are waiting for you at the airport. Unfortunately, these can add up quickly, especially when taking a large party or a lot of luggage.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Bandaranaike Airport

Bandaranaike Airport provides a hotel shuttle service for arriving passengers. This service is accessible at any time, any day of the week.

Inquire about this service at the hotel where you are staying.

Parking Services at Bandaranaike Airport

When you travel with CMB, you may use their many amenities. From hourly to monthly parking, they've got you covered. See more information about short and long term parking at Bandaranaike Airport.

Other Services at Bandaranaike Airport

Passenger services and amenities at Bandaranaike Airport have been improved with the addition of several new restaurants, cafes, and shops in recent years. The airport now has a wide variety of dining and shopping options, making it a more pleasant experience for travelers.

There are also plenty of ATMs, currency exchange services, and a post office and pharmacy. Wi-Fi is available throughout the airport, and there are plenty of charging stations for electronic devices.

Wi-Fi at Bandaranaike Airport

The first thing you need to do when you land at Bandaranaike Airport is to find a Wi-Fi connection. The airport offers free Wi-Fi for all passengers, so you should be able to connect without any problem. Once connected, you can use the internet to check your email, browse the web, or even keep up with your social media accounts.

ATMs at Bandaranaike Airport

There are available in the Arrivals and Departures Halls. Travelers can also find an ATM in the departures area of the Domestic Terminal. The airport also has a foreign exchange counter where travelers can buy or sell foreign currency.

Currency Exchange at Bandaranaike Airport

Bandaranaike Airport offers a few options for those looking to exchange their currency. There are a few banks located within the airport, as well as a few money changers. The rates offered by these different vendors can vary, so it's always best to shop around for the best deal.

For those looking for the most convenient option, there are also a few ATMs throughout the airport that dispense both local and foreign currency. However, note that these machines typically charge higher fees than banks or money changers.

Nursing Mothers Station at Bandaranaike Airport

A room has been set up at the Bandaranaike Airport for nursing mothers. This is a much-needed facility for lactating mothers traveling with infants. The room has comfortable chairs, a sink, and a changing table. It also has a television and a play area for children.

Restrooms at Bandaranaike Airport

Restrooms at Bandaranaike Airport are few and far between, and they are not well-maintained. There is often a strong odor of urine in the air, and paper towels and toilet seat covers are often missing. Given the volume of traffic that passes through the airport, one would expect its restroom facilities to be better maintained.

Travelers who must use the restroom at Bandaranaike Airport sometimes do so in less-than-ideal conditions. This can be a significant source of frustration, especially if they are already running late for their flight or if they have young children with them.

Food and Beverages at Bandaranaike Airport

The airport has a wide range of food and beverage outlets to cater to the needs of passengers. The options include fast food outlets, coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and lounges. The fast-food outlets offer quick and tasty meals for those in a hurry.

The restaurants offer a more sit-down experience for those looking to relax before their journey. The bars and lounges are perfect for unwinding after a long day of travel. No matter what your needs are, the airport has you covered.

Shopping at Bandaranaike Airport

Duty-free shopping at the airport offers a wide range of duty-free items at competitive prices. The shop also offers various services, such as currency exchange, postal services, and travel insurance.

Smoking at Bandaranaike Airport

Smoking is not permitted inside the terminal building at Bandaranaike Airport. However, there are designated smoking areas outside the terminal building.

Lost and Found Section at Bandaranaike Airport

The lost and found section at Bandaranaike airport is where you can go to claim any lost items that you may have left behind during your travels. This includes things such as luggage, passports, and other personal belongings.

To claim a lost item, you must fill out a form with your contact information and a description of the item. The staff will search through the Lost and Found database to see if anyone has reported finding your item. If your item is found, you will be contacted, and arrangements will be made for you to pick it up.

Ticketing Services at Bandaranaike Airport

Bandaranaike Airport offers a wide range of ticketing services for both domestic and international flights. The airport has its in-house ticketing service called the Sri Lankan Airlines Ticketing Service, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The service offers a variety of options for booking tickets, including online, phone, and in-person booking at the airport. Several other ticketing services are available at the airport, including those from Air India, Emirates, Qatar Airways, and Singapore Airlines.

Information Desk at Bandaranaike Airport

The information desk at Bandaranaike airport is a great place to get help with your travel plans. The staff is knowledgeable and can help you with everything from finding your way around the airport to getting information on flights and hotels. If you need anything, be sure to stop by the information desk.

Pet Relief at Bandaranaike Airport

In addition to providing a haven for lost pets, Pet Relief at Bandaranaike Airport also offers a range of other services, including adoption, boarding, and grooming. The facility is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is staffed by trained professionals dedicated to ensuring the well-being of all animals in their care.

Baggage Claim at Bandaranaike Airport

Baggage Claim at Bandaranaike Airport is located on the Arrivals Level of the Terminal. Please proceed to Baggage Claim after you have cleared Immigration and Customs. Its dedicated staff will be waiting to assist you with your luggage.

Disabled Passengers at Bandaranaike Airport

Disabled passengers at Bandaranaike Airport are advised to contact the airport to ensure the right services are available at the facility.

Useful Contact Details

Safety tips for first-time travelers at Bandaranaike Airport in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

  • Don't be afraid to ask for help when you're not sure where to go - the staff at Bandaranaike are happy to help.
  • When going through security, remember to take off your shoes and belts, and put all liquids in a clear plastic bag.
  • Once you're through security, look around the duty-free shops before heading to your gate - there are some great deals.
  • Plenty of cafes and restaurants are located before the gates if you're feeling thirsty or hungry.
  • Make sure you don't buy anything too close to your boarding time to have time to eat/drink before getting on the plane.

If you find yourself in a police or medical emergency in Colombo, Sri Lanka, the best thing to do is to call 119. This is the number for emergency services in Sri Lanka, and they will be able to help you with whatever you need.

Emergency Services

  • Police Emergency Hotline: 119
  • Ambulance / Fire & Rescue: 110
  • Accident Service-General Hospital-Colombo: 011-2691111
  • Tourist Police: 011-2421052


Lanka Hospital

Address: No. 578, Elvitigala Mawatha, Narahenpita, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Phone: 1566 / 011 553 0000

Durdan Hospital

Address: No. 3, Alfred Place, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Phone: 1344 (Shortcode) / +94 112-140-000


Colombo Deputy Inspector General Office (Police Department)

Address: 331 Olcott Mawatha, 6th Floor, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Phone: +94 112-421-111

Coordinates: 6.933277752264496, 79.85776035397333

Bandaranaike Airport Contacts

Address: Departure Terminal, Canada Friendship Rd, Katunayake 11450, Sri Lanka

General Phone: +94 11 226 4444

Lost and Found Phone: +94 11 226 4444

Information Desk: +94 11 226 4444

Official website:

Local Information

Drive on: Left

Electricity: 230V/50Hz.

Plug: D, G

Currency: Sri Lankan Rupee, Rs, ரூ, රු

Wi-Fi at Airport: Free Wi-Fi is available at designated areas at the terminal.

Services at Bandaranaike Airport

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