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Bandaranaike Airport Train Transfers

You first need to make your way to the Katunayaka South Station, the closest train station to Bandaranaike Airport, which is located around 1 kilometer away. Once you've arrived, go, and obtain your ticket. You won't have to spend more than RS 30.00 on it.

A taxi, a bus, or a tuk-tuk is the most convenient way to get to the train station from where you are. It is cheaper to use a bus or a taxi to get to Colombo than this alternative.

Please be aware that there is a possibility of train delays occasionally; nonetheless, there is a consistent frequency of one train per hour, even during peak commute periods. Additionally, trains in Sri Lanka may not be efficient and can be very crowded.

Please also remember that tuk-tuks are not permitted within the terminal building at this airport. They are located near the airport exit, approximately one hundred meters from the Arrivals Hall.

It is proposed that a high-speed rail system will connect the city of Negombo to the town of Colombo via the Bandaranaike International Airport by an electrified high-speed rail link to Colombo Fort, which will link to the proposed Colombo Light Rail.

Currently, rail service between Puttalam and Colombo Fort is being provided by several diesel engine-powered trains. Katunayake Railway Station is where passengers can board the train to their destination.